Client Testimonials

Alcohol problems are personal and individual things in the way they start, how they continue, and what treatment approach works. This is why we treat you as an individual and tailor the treatment option to your needs. We do not use a ‘one size fits all’ or ‘take it or leave it’ approach. We try to be flexible, eclectic and sensible in our approach to your problem.

Below are a selection of testimonials from previous patients having undergone treatment.

Darya Dyagel

Darya Dyagel underwent treatment for alcoholism over a year ago. Here she explains what led her to alcoholism, how the treatment works, how being alcohol free has affected her life and how Aluston Health can help you.

James, London

"What can I say about Aluston Health? I had a huge problem with drink - I could go on. I tried lots of different organisations with no success. I needed a treatment that would not allow me to drink.

"I was about to lose my job before I found Aluston Health, they took care of everything, transport, treatment, the lot. I was treat with a great dignity and respect from arriving at the clinic in Riga and through detox. The staff are very helpful and all the problems I thought I would have had have disappeared.

"I not had a drink for 6 months now , I cant believe how I feel now. I am very gratefully to Aluston Health."

Russell Hughes

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Video Testimonial Part Two:

Russell Hughes is managing director of Aluston Health. After struggling with alcoholism for a number of years Russell had treatment in Riga. Here Russell tells us about the problem he had with alcohol, how he found out about the treatment and how it helped him.

Angie, Manchester

I have an alcoholic husband and I was desperately trying to find some help or advice.

Searching various websites only confused the situation – they all claimed to be the best – how could I be sure? By luck I happened across the Aluston Health website and contacted them. Their response was fantastic, Russell emailed me within a couple of hours, we also spoke on the phone and by the end of that week he came to see my husband and I.

Russell was able to ‘connect’ with my husband in a way that no one before had been able to and five days later my husband went into a rehab clinic. This was a pretty scary time for us but Russell kept in touch, giving support to both of us.

It is early days, but the change I see in my man from week to week is amazing. Had it not been for Aluston Health, Russell and the support, understanding and kindness shown to us, I really don’t know where we would be today. A big huge thank you!


My mother's world was falling apart with drink, she was terrified and the terror was magnified because her husband was very seriously ill.

Aluston Health helped to quickly find an appropriate treatment that would take a person of her age and we negotiated the costs as we were short of funds.

Aluston Health treated her with care and respect. Now both are home, enjoying some good time together and she is on the road to recovery. Thanks enormously to Russell and Aluston Health.