About us

Aluston Health
Aluston Health was set up by Russell and Darya Hughes in 2008. Both Russell and Darya are successful business people but have struggled with alcohol addiction. Seeking help they found alcohol treatment in the UK to be a slow, frustrating process.

The Code
Russell was made aware of a process known as ‘the code’, a four to five day treatment using detox and medication to clear the body of alcohol and block receptors in the brain, eliminating the alcohol addiction.

Eastern Europe
Researching led Russell back to his GP, where he found this was a popular treatment for alcohol addiction in Europe due to the ease of access to countries such as Latvia. After speaking to a alcohol treatment clinic in Riga, Russell and Darya decided to go through with the treatment for their alcohol addiction.

Successful Alcohol Treatment
The alcohol treatment was successful for both and they decided to set up Aluston Health as a way for other people with alcohol addiction to get help without going through the same drawn out process.

Get in Touch
If you have an alcohol addiction and feel you need help, please read about the alcohol treatment. Call us free on 0191 551 1336 or contact us.

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